Sunday, 19 December 2010

Puppy-Proofing The House And Setting Up Prada's Den

I am flying away on a holiday tomorrow and I wanted to start sorting out Prada's room before I left.
I have tried my best to puppy proof the living room where she will mostly be, but I must say it isn't going too well!
We have so many wires around the house and despite me trying my best to stack them in a corner, I still think she can get to them. Lets hope she doesn't like wires! I will spray them with bitter anti-chew spray nearer the time she is coming home.
I have also set up her pink Petitude playpen but it is HUGE! It wouldn't fit in  the room if I completely unfold it, but I somehow managed to set it up without having to unfold the whole thing. I have put in her Furrari bed from Haute Diggity and some baby chew toys for her in the playpen.
I will also put in her Pettapotty as soon as it arrives.
Hopefully she will like her new den :)
I love her Crown food bowl! Unfortunately the manufacturer doesn't make them anymore.

I am also TRYING to organize her wardrobes, but the HUGE problem with that is that she has too many things and hey won't all fit. I don't have the space for another wardrobe neither :(
So what I have done is I have separated her clothes, collars, booties and accessories into 2 groups:
Puppy size and Adult size. 
Her adult clothes are in her 2 wardrobes upstairs and in her pink suitcase.
I put the other 2 puppy wardrobes downstairs next to her playpen.
As you can see they are absolutely stuffed! I wish I could get the Bon Pet Armorie because it would solve all my problems! They do not ship it to England though because of the weight :( 

I am very excited that the countdown is almost over! Just 3 weeks and 2 days left to go till my little baby comes home!
I will keep you posted.


  1. Wow! You are really getting prepared! How lucky Prada will be!

  2. I use a regular baby playpen it works great for when i can not supervise my little guy Caleb Andrew. He loves it and will only go to bed in the playpen. Going to start introducing him to his kennel for night time.