Friday, 10 December 2010

The Count Down Begins!

A wise man once said "The trick is to make sure you don't die waiting for your pooch to come home "  
If all goes well, we just have to wait a few days until Prada comes home with us. The trouble that I am having now is that I don't want to take the little one on a 5-6 hour long train journey on the way back. I am trying to find a friend to drive me there and back and perhaps we can spend a day or two in a dog friendly hotel to make the journey easier, we'll see how that goes!
Meanwhile my little Prada is growing fast.
The puppies are so happy and bouncy these days.
Prada does seem to be the sweetest and calmest one of the bunch.
And yes Crystal is still the chubbiest LOL
Jane has officially confirmed that Crystal loves food now more than ever!
This is their latest video, hope you enjoy!
Prada is the little white/cream pup lying on the blankie for a while at the start of the video.

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