Saturday, 8 January 2011

Final Few Days!

 Time does drag on when you are waiting for something, but I am happy to say waiting time is almost over for me! (Just 6 days left now)
I have booked my tickets to Cumbria and I do think that everything is ready for Prada's arrival home.
When I got back from my short holiday, I saw a HUGE parcel waiting for me.
I finally got Prada's Puphead potty! 

It has taken its place in Prada's playpen but I have not unwrapped it completely because the attractant smell on the grass that makes the puppies want to pee on it only lasts a couple of days after it has been opened.
I have also got a bottle of Pupzymes to wash the grass and get rid of carpet stains.

Hopefully it will work and I won't have to clean up too much mess. I will let you know how it goes later.
Jane has been able to send me a couple of photos and another video of Prada, but I won't be getting any more soon because she has chucked out her camera charger by mistake over Christmas.
Here they are! 

This is little Prada posing in front of Jane's Christmas present
This sweety is Neo
And last but not least, Crystal who will be staying with Jane now
As you can see they are running around now. Prada even does a moon-walk 20 seconds through the video. They just look adorable!

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