Sunday, 28 November 2010

First Encounter

So today I finally managed to go see little Prada after a VERY long journey!
She is so tiny at the moment and it was honestly love at first sight :)
I think she quite liked me too because out of all her siblings, she loved cuddling and stretching on me the most.
She has no teeth at the moment and it was so cute when she was playing and nibbling on my fingers.
The puppies have just started to learn how to walk and they are taking a puppy mousse formula as well so they can gradually wean off their mummy's milk.
Their mum Blushes is so protective and she is a fantastic mum. Jane's other chihuahua also had a baby but she decided not to care for her pups, but Blushes has taken on the abandoned pup and takes care of her like one of her own.
Prada is the smallest of the bunch, but she is the darkest cream colored puppy with a white line on her forehead. I wonder how she would look like when she has grown up?!
Her sister Crystal Nola is the chubbiest. She absolutely loves food and never stops eating!
Even after she feeds from Blushes and eats her mousse, she tries nibbling on the big chihuahua's food and biscuits!
I got too see Prada's Kennel Club registration too along with her puppy pack which includes free food vouchers and a month free insurance with the KC.
Jane also gave me loads of advice on how to take care of Prada and what to feed her.
I took a little Zanies Sunggle Bear blanket and a Snuggle Puppy with me to leave in the puppy crate so that it can have Blushes' scent on it. Hopefully it will help making Prada more comfortable when she comes home.
I have got the black Labrador Snuggle Puppy. It comes with heat packs to keep the puppy warm just like when it cuddles with its mum and has a heart which has a sort of vibration and sound to represent the mum's heartbeat. I will let you know about my experience with it later. 

This is the Zanies puppy blanket. It has a cute squeaky teddy bear on it which should hopefully entertain Prada and keep her warm and cozy. It also comes in pink and blue or with a squeaky lamb. When I bought mine I didn't know if I was going to have a little girl or boy puppy so I went with the yellow.

Prada will finally be ready to join us in her new home after her second set of vaccinations and vet checks at 12 weeks.
These are some photos and videos of little Prada and her siblings.
Aren't they just the cutest?
The dark cream pup on the back is Prada and the one who doesn't stop eating is Crystal.

They love cuddling next to each other to stay warm in this cold winter

It is Prada's turn to eat now while Crystal is climbing over her brother's back to go play with her sister (the sable chihuahua who will be going to Ireland to her forever home!)

This is another video of them eating their yummy Royal Canin mousse

It is going to take some time for them to get sturdy on their little paws!

This is a video that Jane had taken when the puppies were 2 weeks younger with their mum Blushes

Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Little Princess Is Born

After years of thinking about having a chihuahua, I finally made the decision that now is the time.
I searched for several hours trying to find a reputable and ethical breeder and I cam across Jane from Happyhouse Chihuahua's.
She had 4 little newborn chihuahuas, 2 white/cream girls, 1 sable girl and 1 white boy.
I fell in love with one of the cream little girls and decided she was the one.
Then came the decision time to pick a name for her. My hubby Paddy thought it would be quirky and funny to call her lunch because she is so cute and tiny. I wanted her to have a name that has the same initial letter as ours so she can fit right in the family. So in the end we decided Princess Prada was ideal (after all, she will be a pampered princess!).
Jane has been regularly keeping me up to date with her progress and she will join us in her new home in January when she is old enough.
These are some of the first photos I have received from Jane.
Hope you enjoy them.

This is her first photo
This is Prada and her siblings with their mum Blushes
They love cuddling with their mummy
 In this photo Prada has opened her eyes for the first time!
I love this photo! it is like the Yin - Yang symbol
Prada was born all white, but now she has some gorgeous cream markings
She is 2 weeks old in this photo

I guess my the dirty look she is giving she doesn't like tickles!  

Her pretty markings are becoming more distinct