Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prada is the Fan of the week!

We are so excited that G.W. Little picked Prada as their fan of the week on their facebook page!
Se is such a little sweetie pie and we are so proud of her.
You can post your photos on their FB page and who knows, your pooch can be the next fan of the week!
This is the link to their page

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Prada's First Bath

Prada took her first bath a few weeks ago after jumping in puddles all day long and I must say, she wasn't impressed!
She did enjoy playing with her rubber duckie, but wasn't a fan of water
I made sure the bathroom was warm and comfortable and I dipped my elbow in the water to make sure it wasn't too hot or cold. I was glad I had bought her the Pet Gear tub because I could attach the straps to her harness so she doesn't hop around while I was shampooing her.
She looks like a tiny wet mouse!
Mommy, why do I have to take a bath? 
The John Paul shampoo smelled lovely! 
Prada posing in her bath robe