Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's A Small World!

Three days ago I was browsing through some of my friends on Facebook who own chihuahuas, just keeping myself up to date with what has been going on with everyone. I saw a comment on one of the pages and there it was! Prada's little eyes were staring back at me from another user's profile picture!
At first I was confused, then I compared the picture with the one Jane had sent me and noticed some differences in the puppy.
After some detective work (LOL) I was 99% sure the two photos had 3 things in common:
1. Both had the same couch in the background
2.Both had the same blue carpet
3.Both had cute fluffy little white/cream chihuahuas on them

I emailed the user asking her if she had got her puppy from Jane, and to be honest I think  I freaked her out a tad !
I think she thought we were scammed or something, but then after chatting for a bit we came to the conclusion that she is the new mum of Prada's little fluffy brother, Neo.
I think it is great because now we can stay in touch and watch our puppies grow together.
Who knows, perhaps some day they can be reunited! (admittedly we live about 6 hrs away but I am sure if it comes to it we can manage).
Danielle absolutely adores Neo (her little 'sna bah') and she is as excited as I am to bring Neo home.

These are some of Prada, Neo and Crystal's recent photos. Enjoy :)

This is Prada's latest photo. I think I can almost tell that she is cream with a white marking on her forehead!

This is a another photo of Prada when she was 5 days younger. Can you tell the resemblance to Neo's photo?

This is Crystal's photo

And this is wee Neo. He is the whitest of the pups

A photo of Neo when he was much younger

Love Neo's short little feet!

In this photo from left to right: Crystal, Neo, and a cute grumpy looking sable chihuahua destined to go to Ireland (I will find out her name and post it later)

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