Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Prada's New Life

Little Prada came home a while ago and has kept us very busy :)
She was very calm and cuddly on the train and only whimpered for a few minutes the first night home, and never again after that!
She is the sweetest little puppy and she was potty trained within a day so I am a very lucky mommy
She always uses her mini potty and has had no accidents
Prada loves all the attention she can get and ADORES soft squeeky toys
She likes getting dressed too but absolutely hates collars, so the leash training isn't going as well as I had hoped
She will walk with a harness, but only if she feels like it
These are a few photos
Enjoy :)
Getting ready for a nap

Looking Fab in her dress from Doggie Couture
She really loves her Snuggle puppy!

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