Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Little Princess Is Born

After years of thinking about having a chihuahua, I finally made the decision that now is the time.
I searched for several hours trying to find a reputable and ethical breeder and I cam across Jane from Happyhouse Chihuahua's.
She had 4 little newborn chihuahuas, 2 white/cream girls, 1 sable girl and 1 white boy.
I fell in love with one of the cream little girls and decided she was the one.
Then came the decision time to pick a name for her. My hubby Paddy thought it would be quirky and funny to call her lunch because she is so cute and tiny. I wanted her to have a name that has the same initial letter as ours so she can fit right in the family. So in the end we decided Princess Prada was ideal (after all, she will be a pampered princess!).
Jane has been regularly keeping me up to date with her progress and she will join us in her new home in January when she is old enough.
These are some of the first photos I have received from Jane.
Hope you enjoy them.

This is her first photo
This is Prada and her siblings with their mum Blushes
They love cuddling with their mummy
 In this photo Prada has opened her eyes for the first time!
I love this photo! it is like the Yin - Yang symbol
Prada was born all white, but now she has some gorgeous cream markings
She is 2 weeks old in this photo

I guess my the dirty look she is giving she doesn't like tickles!  

Her pretty markings are becoming more distinct

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